What is a Young Adult Novel?

Contrary to popular belief, a YA novel isn’t something written about a brooding teen who thinks the prom is the biggest thing in their life.

Young Adult books are read by people from 12 - 65, and have a wide range of themes including:

  • social and political structure
  • corruption
  • gaining or challenging authority
  • exploring: sexuality, independence, and death

We are looking for you, IF your story explores contemporary issues and experiences that readers under 30 can relate to, with an overall Science Fiction or Fantasy theme.

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Young Adult Featured Author

Meet noted Science Fiction Author, Anderson Gentry!

Crimson Dragon welcomes Anderson Gentry in 2018.

Gentry has a wonderful sense of how civilizations progress and grow. And has created an in-depth multi-world society with vibrant characters, full of adventure, intrigue, and strange creatures.

He is updating his popular 6 book 2 volume series [Title Here], with the release of the third and final volume in the future.

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