Willow Hewett

Willow Hewett, Author, reading one of her own books.



Willow Hewett is an award-winning author and mother of two who lives in the smallest city in the country. She began her writing career at the young age of seven and has been writing short stories ever since, but it was only two years ago that she decided to write for others. Last year alone, her stories have been published in magazines internationally, and have even appeared on podcasts such as ‘Pocketpulp’ and ‘Openbookpod’. She came second place in a writing competition which will also be going into a book. She is the founder of ‘Storiesthatspook’, where she writes short thriller/horror stories for her audience to read. She currently has over 25,000 readers from all around the world. She writes in her spare time, working around her job as a carer and her two small children. Hence, why it took about 11 years for her book ‘Past My Time- The Witch’s Curse’ to be finished. She likes to thank her adorable children for prolonging her finishing the book. She is currently writing an adventure book series aimed at young adults. The series is called ‘Past My Time’, which will involve 3-4 more books of romance, adventure, and suspense. She is also writing another series of picture books called ‘The Wishy-Washy, Curly-Wurly Dragon’ aimed at children aged between 6-9 years old. The adventure picture books target everyday problems for young children who are different from today’s society. She’s a multiple award-winning script writer for her comedy TV series ‘Tick Tock’, and for her Periodic series, ‘Supercilious’, and is also currently dabbling in lyric writing, also winning an award for that.