Time for Spooky Stories

Time for Spooky Stories

It’s time for ghosts, and goblins, and things that go bump in the night! So, let’s read some spooky stories.
Jack Yerby’s stories are great for young teens looking for a little detective work – think Hardy Boys, but updated!

In The Secret of the Haunted House, Kenny and his younger brother, James, are determined to find out what’s going on at the old burned down Hampton house. James and Mrs. Tsosie both saw a mysterious light, odd things are happening in the neighborhood, and Kenny wants to get to the bottom of it. Their neighbor, thinks it might even be a Skinwalker! But Kenny doesn’t believe in ghosts, and in his determination to get to figure out the mystery, even enlists the aid of his prank loving older siblings. But you never know where danger will come from, and Kenny finds it!

The Mystery of the Lost Will by Jack Yerby.

In The Mystery of the Lost Will, brothers Kalani and Tristen know for sure Wyatt Granger would never leave his money to his rotten relatives, so must have a hidden will somewhere! Along with their friend Danner, and support from their Dad, they begin putting clues together. Their investigation starts at the courthouse, searching for documents, but the clues lead them not only out of town, but out of state to an isolated cabin in the woods. And that’s where the real danger begins!

Both The Secret of the Haunted House and The Mystery of the Lost Will are on sale this month for 10% off!

Last but not least, we need to Introduce a new title, The Ghost in the Garden by Alisse Lee Goldenberg.
Twelve-year-old Sophie Madison is miserable. She left her home in the big city of Calgary, her friends, and everything she knew for Stratford,Ontario and a life that is very different from what she’s used to. She can’t deny that the house her parents have chosen is big and full of “character”, but something isn’t quite right, and the young girl who hangs around their back garden just gives her the creeps. She’s beginning to wonder if maybe she’d just moved into a haunted house.
Be sure to visit Alisse at New York Comic Con’s Inaugural Writer’s Block if you’re there this month. And stay tuned for the cover reveal on Oct 12!