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A spoonful of cereal with milk. blueberries, and raspberries is being lifted out of a bowl.

Breakfast Reading

  Everyone knows it’s back to school time, but did you know September is also National Better Breakfast Month? It’s the perfect time to think about how important a good balanced breakfast is to set you up for the day. We even have breakfast reading to remind you  – Bowlers: The Cereal Mascot! Bowlers is...

"Bowlers" by Duane M. Abel. A purple cereal mascot is holding his spoon ready to eat a colorful breakfast cereal from a bowl.

Bowlers Delay

e were looking forward to a big party for Bowlers at the Kellogg Arena for Cereal Fest 2021. Unfortunately, like many other events, it won’t be held this year. So, we’ve decided to delay the release and plan an even bigger event for Cereal Festival 2022. Stay tuned for more updates!