Spring is Near

Spring is Near

Our featured books this month share some great company with other great children’s reads at Book Funnel! Be sure to check them all out!

The days are getting longer, but not quite warm enough (at least up here in the great land) to do a whole lot, so why not go on an adventure with a pair of young sleuths? If you like Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys, you’ll like Jack Yerby’s books for sure.

The Secret of the Haunted house features brothers Kenny and James. James thinks the old burnt down house near them might be haunted! But Kenny doesn’t believe in ghosts, so they head over to the old place to investigate, and when they find footprints that match some they found near their house, Kenny’s determined to figure out what’s really going on. He just doesn’t realize how much danger there could be!
Sprinkled with the practical jokes they and their two older siblings play on each other, this story will leave you guessing to the end.
“…an excellent, thrilling read for young people, and anyone who enjoys suspense happening in the Four Corners Area.”

"The Mystery of the Lost Will" by Jack Yerby. A police officer and two teens kneels beside a squad car facing a moving van stopped across lanes on a night highway.We meet another set of brothers in The Mystery of the Lost Will. Kalani and Tristan, along with their friend Dannner, think it’s suspicious that Wyatt Granger, a kind and generous man, didn’t leave anything to the people he loved most when he died. Especially since the family that would inherit everything didn’t want anything to do with him until he became rich. And the boys are determined that he must have had a secret will somewhere. But where?
After following a convoluted trail of clues, the boys discover where Wyatt’s possessions were stored, but Kalani finds out just how much danger they’re in when he investigates on his own.
“Welcome to the Four Corners, where New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado all meet. The Mystery of the Lost Will, has it all: sheriffs, Navajo Indians, good guys, some really bad guys, and even a shootout with cops and robbers.”

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