Small Spaces Book Review

Small Spaces Book Review

I recently received an ARC of Small Spaces by Katherine Arden, in conjunction with the promotion for her newest title, Dead Voices.

Small Spaces by Katherine ArdenI enjoyed this book and would recommend it to young horror readers. Even for a middle grade book, I found myself invested in the story and stayed up late to finish it.
The danger level was quite real without there being any real physical harm in the end, and there were a few surprising twists I wouldn’t have envisioned.
The ending wrapped up a little too quickly for my taste and the primary protagonist was defeated much too easily. There were several places where there was some seemingly obvious foreshadowing, but those plot lines were never even mentioned again, much less resolved. I would have loved it if some of the pieces pulled together more.

If you’re looking for a decent middle grade horror/suspense/mystery, I’d advise picking this one up.

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