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WebSiteSetup - How to create your website and comprehensive comparison of site builders.

Helpful Articles:

Writing Prompt from CDP: A magnetic personality is supposedly a good thing. But what do you do when you can't turn it off?

Magnetic Personality

A magnetic personality is a desirable trait, especially for running a business. But what might happen if, after striving to achieve that wonderful balance of being interesting as well as genuinely interested in others, if you couldn’t get any personal ...
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They say in spring young thoughts turn to love. I always enjoyed a completely different kind of spring awakening.

Springtime Love

I love winter, but we’ve had so many days with a messy rain/snow mix, that I’m just done with it. I’m ready for spring. So for you midweek writers, here’s (probably) the first of several spring themed prompts ...
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You've gotta come see! I found this beautiful plant in the woods yesterday. And now that it's bloomed, it's just to die for!

Mystery Plant

For this week’s writing prompt, I was thinking of aliens when I came up with the idea of a strange plant. (Little Shop of Horrors, anyone?) But I wonder-would it be better to have a more nefarious cause? ...
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Crows in the Trees

I’ve been in a couple cities where crows gather in extremely large murders at sunset. It’s a bit unsettling to walk under them ...
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Thunder and Lightening

Some people manage to have the most exciting stories to tell. Of course that means they live a pretty dangerous life ...
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Be Anything!

When your’re young and people tell you that you can grow up to be anything, they’re generally thinking inside a box of standard vocations. But if you could literally be anything you wanted? ...
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Authors Need Websites

It shouldn’t surprise authors that they need a website to promote themselves.  But in my experience, it does. Many authors think that having their book on a publisher’s site (or worse, listed on Amazon) can substitute for the web presence ...
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A river runs through it

Here’s a simple writing prompt that could turn into something quite detailed ...
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Best Organizer

We all know good organization helps us live a simpler life. But you can take it too far. How about a little speculation about when it goes too far? ...
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Down the Drain

A writing prompt for those on the darker side of things. I wrote this one last year, but didn’t want to post it during the holidays ...
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New Kitchen?

I’ve been very remiss this past month, and have failed to provide many prompts. Let’s start back up with something fun! ...
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Italian Pickle

I’m working on such an all consuming project that I missed my last posting date. And I guess my brain was rebelling, because this is what popped into my head ...
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Moonlit Beach

There’s nothing quite so serene as sitting on a moonlit beach on a warm evening. Of course, the world doesn’t stop while you enjoy it ...
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Hello 2019!

While this past year wasn’t exactly the worst year, it was far from the best year for my family. I’m looking forward to a much better coming year, and wishing you all well. In that vein, I came up with a ...
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Expensive Gifts

Sometimes gifts come with a price ...
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Angel of Battle

Many thanks to my daughter for this prompt. Suitably dark to fit her personality! ...
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Distancing Twins

Memories are strange things. It’s often surprising to find out how much you either remember or don’t remember when sharing with others years afterward. But when the event is remembered completely differently, how do you tell what the correct rendition ...
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Clown Apocalypse

Why is it always zombies? Why don’t people in movies turn into, I don’t know, clowns maybe? And not evil, people eating clowns. Silly, funny clowns. The clown apocalypse! ...
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Bigfoot Sighting

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s a snap we found that really needs a story! Some days you don’t have to look hard for a writing prompt ...
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Beer or Milk?

I thought this one can go many directions – depending on how you see the bottle ...
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Small Town Drama

Another family story I turned into a prompt. Living in a small town can be interesting! ...
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Mud on the Ceiling

Have a little fun with this one! ...
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Stretch the Truth

It might be impolite to tell someone what you really think, but watch how much you stretch the truth ...
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When I think of the word ‘chop’, I always think of an ax ...
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Strange Job

There are a lot of really strange, but real jobs in the world ...
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Make it Logical

Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and thought, that wouldn’t really happen? Of course you have! As adults, we are constantly expected to allow some suspension of disbelief in our entertainment, especially in science fiction and ...
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Veteran’s Day

My husband’s uncle once waited for orders overlooking a harbor during WWII. Until something happened to spur him on… ...
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Breaking In

Instead of a super-hero, how about a super-villain? ...
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Deer and Pears

Let’s start the month with a more upbeat feel. I can imagine a bit of comedy with this one ...
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Happy Halloween!

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, here is a prompt to get those creative juices flowing ...
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