General Writing Tips and Advice

Writer’s Digest -General information, resources and a writing community.  Check out their weekly writing prompts, contests and competitions, conference listings, and online exclusive articles.

Midwest Book Review - A diversity of invaluable tips, tricks, insights, warnings, guides, how-to's, and much more by people in the writing/publishing/book promotion business.

Writing World - A wealth of articles and resources aimed at "Equipping Writers for Success"

Creative Juices Books - Creative writing ideas and writing prompts to get your creative juices going.

Now Novel - Assistance and inspiration for the entire novel writing process.  Tips, articles, critiques, discussion groups and writing coaches.

Book Publication Timeline - The most common question new authors ask is, "When will my book come out?" Find out what goes into publishing a book and how long each step generally takes.

Science Fiction/Fantasy Writing

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America - A source of information, education, support, and fellowship for published authors and industry professionals in the fields of science fiction, fantasy, and related genres.

Critter’s Workshop - A workshop/critique group for serious Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror writers and artists.

Children’s Writing

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators - A community of professionals dedicated to quality children and young adult literature, including education and support for writers and illustrators worldwide.

Write for Kids - Instruction, advice, market tips and inspiration for aspiring and working children’s writers.

Other Resources

WebSiteSetup - How to create your website and comprehensive comparison of site builders.

Helpful Articles:

Authors Need Websites

It shouldn’t surprise authors that they need a website to promote themselves.  But in my experience, it does. Many authors think that having their book on a publisher’s site (or worse, listed on Amazon) can substitute for the web presence ...
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Make it Logical

Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and thought, that wouldn’t really happen? Of course you have! As adults, we are constantly expected to allow some suspension of disbelief in our entertainment, especially in science fiction and ...
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Engaging Dialogue

While it’s not difficult to describe your characters, a paragraph (or more) of exposition is really boring. The best way to present your characters is to show their personalities through engaging dialogue. A quick search yields many tips for writing ...
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Past or Present Tense

Does your story play out in cinematic ‘real time’ or is it narrated from a past event? Past and present tense narration are the two primary (and most logical ) choices for storytelling and each has pros and cons. Because ...
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Who are you? Know your POV

You’ve got a story to tell, but before you even write the first line, you must decide who you are. Are you the main character, who only knows what she can see outside her window? Maybe you’re the all-knowing god ...
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Where Do Your Characters Live?

Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and realized the characters are defiantly not where they say they are? I remember seeing a movie that showed Denver, Colorado as a small ski town in the mountains. Not ...
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Why Publish an E-book?

Or rather, the question should be why NOT publish an E-Book? On the upside, E-books are: Another way to get books to your readers Almost immediate availability upon purchase No printing, shipping, or storage costs Minimal time from finish to ...
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Should I Use Name Brands?

To add a sense of reality to fiction, authors sometimes use brand named products, but should they? The short answer is: It depends. We've all found brand names in books, TV shows, and movies. In fact, many viewers become annoyed ...
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Creating Your Narrative Sequence

Part 2 of a Series on Writing Good Children’s Books- Children want to be entertained. Simple and pure. Just like adults, they enjoy an exciting story and you must carefully consider the order of events for each age group. Depending ...
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8 Steps to Getting Your Book Published

Help Crimson Dragon Publishing Say “Yes!” to your next Children’s Book As an independent publisher with open submissions, we see a lot of manuscripts. It would be nice if we could publish every one, but that just isn’t possible. Follow ...
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7 Keys to Writing Children’s Books

Writing your children’s book doesn’t have to be hard, but there are a few key ideas you need to remember. What do you like to read? Mystery, suspense, science fiction, fantasy, comedy, or maybe crime drama? Kids like all those ...
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Do you know what your book is about? -Why your theme is important

If you can’t you explain what your readers should take from your book in a sentence or two, you might not have a consistent theme in your story. Has anyone read your book and said, “Nice story, but what’s the point?” ...
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can you read this readability for childrens book dawn clark crimson dragon publishing

Can You Read This? -Readability Guideline for Children’s Books

Part 1 of a series on writing good children’s books. Writing for children is not as easy as it sounds, and while I find it easier than writing in iambic pentameter, it does take effort and skill to create a ...
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