How long does it take to publish my book?

It's a question we get at CDP often. The answer is it depends. For a Children's book on average it takes 15 - 24 months, and for Young Adult Sic-Fi/Fantasy 15 - 18 months.

This Book Publication Timeline represents a process most authors can expect to experience. The actual time to complete each step will vary based on the author's response time and story needs. Use this as a general guide when planning your book publication.

Evaluate Manuscript or Illustrated Storyboard

Children’s: 1-3 weeks

Sci-Fi/Fantasy: 1 -3 months

Editing Content & Copy

Children’s: Up to 3 months

Sci-Fi/Fantasy: 3-6 months

Illustrations by author

Children’s: up to 6 months

Sci-Fi/Fantasy: N/A

CDP Provided Cover

Children’s: 1 month

Sci-Fi/Fantasy: 1 month

Design Layout – Print & E-book

Children’s: 1-4 months

Sci-Fi/Fantasy: 1-3 months

Proofing/Advanced or Galley Reviews

Children’s: 6-8 months

Sci-Fi/Fantasy: 6-9 months

Final Printing to Release Date

Children’s: 2-4 months

Sci-Fi/Fantasy: 3-4 months