Winnie and the Trouble with Trolls

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Book 2 of the Troll Series -If you haven’t read book one, find it here!

“A fun adventure for the whole family!”

“readers will feel that they are actually a part of this adventure”

by JP Coman
Illustrations by Maïlys Pitcher

I’ve got to Stop Wishing!

Winnie thought her camping trip was bad, but her troubles are just starting when she finds a troll in her suitcase! Construction vehicles demolished the Mayfield Spring Fling, and Tammy wants her help. Winnie agrees to get her back to the forest, but never imagined how badly granted wishes can go wrong!
After Tammy left the forest, her family decided to try and find her, but they’re having their own troubles and end up in Alaska! How can they possibly make it to Dallas on their own?
If Winnie can’t even keep herself out of trouble, how can she save the trolls and the forest?

Ages 6-10, Grades 2-4
Paperback ISBN:978-1-944644-32-1
E-book: 978-1-944644-33-8

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People are running from a bulldozer. Three trolls are hangng on to the side of a truck as it moves down the highway. A girl is running down a hallway full of dogs and cats.


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