Winnie and the Mystery of the Missing Moonstones


Available September 6th 2019!


By JP Coman
llustrated by Maïlys Pitcher


How far will you go to save magic?


Winnie didn’t really want to go camping with Dad and Jerry, but when she finds a real live troll that needs her help, how can she refuse?


Winnie’s adventure is just beginning when she and Jerry encounter wild animals, mystical whirlpools, and creepy caves to help their new friends!



Ages 6 – 10, Grades 2 – 4


Paperback: 187 pgs
Dimensions: 5 in x 8 in
ISBN: 978-1-944644-05-5
LCCN: 2019939170


About This Book

Dad’s decision to go camping late in the season leaves Winnie and Jerry with nothing to do but bicker and annoy each other. But when Winnie storms off in anger, she accidentally rescues a real live troll! All their moonstones were stolen, and they need Winnie’s help to get their magic back!

Winnie and Jerry start off on a whirling adventure with their new friends, Oola and Humphry, and encounter new dangers with each step of their journey. Even if they find the treasure, how will they get home?


From Roberta Reads

"When Winnie reluctantly goes on a camping trip with her brother Jerry and her father, she encounters a strange creature in the forest. She and Jerry set off on an adventure.

This book is very well written, and the illustrations are beautiful. The story is entertaining and absorbing, even as an adult. I would have loved this story even more as a child.

The relationship between Winnie and Jerry was a realistic sibling relationship. The squabbling and generally being extremely irritating to one another reminds me of some parts of my own childhood. Winnie’s feelings about having to go on this camping trip very much remind me of how unfair life sometimes seemed at that age.

The trolls are brought to life very well, having their own characters and way of life in Mayfield (their village). The adventure that the two trolls and two children go on is well imagined and believable (within the genre of fantasy). Enough danger to make it exciting, but not too much.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun, light hearted, fantasy adventure, I had so much fun reading it.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review."