The Tale of the Lost Teeth

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Written and illustrated by Willow Hewett

Its Embarrassing!

The Wishy-Washy, Curly-Wurly Dragon is somewhat different than other dragons. But he has a BIG secret he won’t share with anyone! One day he loses the one thing he’s most embarrassed about, and must race against time to find it before anyone else does.

But when he can’t find it on his own, he must ask for help.

Fun rhymes and colorful illustrations make this book about our differences a great learning experience for all ages.

Ages 6-9, Grades K-3, 36 pages
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-944644-50-5
E-book: 978-1-944644-51-2


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A colorful Dragon with long sharp nails, a bight yellow tummy, and an enormous-sized tail, curled horns is carrying a picnic basket. A colorful dragon holding a picnic basket is crying while animals around him notice.


William J. Burkhardt – author

An imaginative, but relatable adventure of self-acceptance.


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