The Rose Without a Name

4.80 out of 5


“gloriously illustrated, and moving”

By Nancy Rust and Carol Stubbs
Illustrated by Melissa Vandiver

When Hurricane Katrina swept everything from its path, Peggy Martin’s famous rose garden was left under 20 feet of water and mud. Everyone thought nothing would recover.  But when the water receded, a singe no-name old-fashioned rose stood alone.  The rose finally earned a name and brought hope to all for miles around.


Ages 6-10, Grades 1-4
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Painting of a small frog sitting in rose branches.





"I am overwhelmed and ecstatic with this Children’s book by Carol Stubbs and Nancy Rust. The story is true to facts yet easy to read for children, gloriously illustrated, and moving story. Needless to say I am very happy with the book from beginning to the end!"

Peggy Martin

The Rose Without a Name is a “once upon a time” kind of story that will thrill the children it was written for, but also their parents or older brothers or sisters who will read it with them. It is the poignant story of the rose that survived the monster storm, Hurricane Katrina. It is a story of the strength and resilience of the rose, but also of the rose lady who grew it, Peggy Rose Martin. She grew the rose as “the rose without a name;” it drew the admiration of many rosarians, and the popularity of the rose was on the rise even before Hurricane Katrina.

But after the storm, “the Katrina Rose” as it is sometimes called, proved itself invincible in a dramatic way; it is among “the few, the immortal few that were not born to die.” News of the miracle of the rose surviving the great hurricane  spread far and wide. As a result, the rose ‘Peggy Martin’ now lives and thrives in beautiful rose gardens everywhere.

There is so much for children to learn from this beautiful little book, both as students in a classroom, or on the sofa with their families. It speaks to the beauty of the rose and the little creatures that aid in its growth. It illustrates the power of nature to destroy, but also to restore itself. The now legendary rose, ‘Peggy Martin’ gives us reason to believe that, when it appears all is lost, life and hope are all around us, and that we can find great joy in a garden of roses.

Authors Nancy Rust and Carol Stubbs have portrayed this true story in a way that will educate and enlighten; artist Melissa Vandiver’s illustrations are charming, exciting, nicely detailed and colorful. The book is recommended for children ages 6-10; for grades 1-4. The book cover will be hardback; sized 8 x 10. The back pages include “Hurricane Facts,” “Fun Facts About Roses,” and “The Story Behind the Story.” It will be released on August 9, 2021.

Marilyn Wellan
American Rose Society President 2003-2006
Chairman, Rose Horticulture & Research Library Board, American Rose Society
Chairman, Library Committee, Alexandria Garden Club

"The beautiful and endearing illustrations will entice the little ones to enter Peggy's garden where they will hear the story of the rose that survived the deadly storm. Perhaps it will enkindle a lifelong interest in the beauty and joy of a rose garden."

Maureen Reed Detweiler
Member, Rose Horticulture & Research Library Board, American Rose Society
Corresponding Secretary, Board of Directors, Heritage Rose Foundation

"An unusual rose becomes a delightful character in this lovely picture book by Nancy Rust & Carol Stubbs.  A Rose Without a Name is a story of strength, resilience, and beauty, illustrated with vibrant colors and charming details. Earthworms, frogs, bees, and dragonflies engage readers as they discover how an unrenowned rose earned its name.

The story is ideal for reinforcing early learning science concepts of how plants grow and the effects of weather on the natural world and human communities. The back material offers intriguing information for older learners, parents, and teachers.

With its message of triumph over adversity, lovely art, and interesting back material, readers of all ages will enjoy A Rose Without a Name."

Gayle Webre
Children's author and educator

The Rose Without a Name is a beautifully illustrated story that gives hope when all seems lost. Based on true events, this is a tale of strong roots, along with a nurturing environment, helping a humble, nameless rose flourish after a great storm seems to destroy all.

Cheryl Mathis
Co-Regional Advisor, Louisiana/Mississippi Chapter of Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators


"Overall, I thought The Rose Without a Name has been beautifully written and illustrated. This story is very educational and from a future educator’s perspective, I believe this book has many elements that can be used in the classroom and for teaching students. Personally, I really enjoyed how the illustrations expanded across both pages, as it added even more intricate details and showed the whole story throughout. I also really like how the book has the facts pages at the end and an explanation of where the story came about. This is great for children because not only does this book provide an inspiring story, it also expands their knowledge about aspects of nature such as hurricanes and roses. Nancy Rust, Carol Stubbs, and Melissa Vandiver have created a beautiful book that all children should read. The Rose Without a Name is a wonderful book in both the writing and illustrations and will be a great read for children!”

Allyson Cardwell
K-5 Education Major, University of Tennessee

I was impressed by the story of Peggy Martin’s rose garden, and the rose without a name. All of us in Louisiana suffered loss after the hurricane, and the resilience of the rose that held fast reminds us of the resilience of the people. By using the critters (the worm, the frog, the dragonfly and the bee) to comment on the rose plant and its beauty, the author makes this story whimsical and also timeless. I loved the bright colors of the images, bursting in primary tones. I also appreciated the facts pages and the story behind the story pages. I think this book reaches many hearts and ages, and will be treasured by those who read it.

John Comeaux
Children's author

"The Rose Without a Name" is the beautiful true story of a nameless rose that survives the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. The book's colorful illustrations and lovely language convey a story of strength and perseverance. Readers will enjoy following the rose and its garden friends — worms, frogs and honey bees — as it defies the odds and earns its name, the Peggy Martin Rose.

Denise Gallagher
Author, Illustrator


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Wonderful story and illustrations. Bought for self and as gift. A children’s book that also speaks to adults.

  2. 5 out of 5

    What a great way to learn the story of the rose that survived Katrina! Peggy Martin must be proud!

  3. 4 out of 5

    This is a beautifully illustrated book about survival and beauty.

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