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Alexander Mayeux  – A fun and lighthearted story that all ages could enjoy

The Mystery of the lost will is a very fun, lighthearted, and interesting story that managed to keep me hooked the whole time. It follows Kalani and Tristen Henderson as they attempt to discover the secret lost will of Wyatt Granger, and their conflicts with the DeVille family – the people originally intended to inherit the will – as well as other mishaps that occur along the way.

I really enjoyed reading through it, and it’s simple tone made me want to read more of the story, as it is refreshing to see something different and more lighthearted from time to time.

Something else that I really enjoyed were the characters and their relationships. For instance,  Kalani and Tristen are written like siblings who constantly bicker over everything with each other, and their roles of who is the big and little brother are very prominent. Kalani as the older brother bosses Tristen around, while little Tristen does not do much in response. Being a middle child and having brothers of my own, the interactions between the two siblings in the book are very accurate. Another relationship that I enjoyed and really appreciate is the relationship of Mason Henderson and his kids. He is not the stereotypical father character who always acts kind of dense, but rather is a very smart and kind person who cares about his children and family very much when they are in danger or struggling. All in all, the characters and relationships are very well written and feel human and real.

The representation of Navajo culture in this story is also great and I actually learned quite a bit about it. Danner is another great character who I found to be a great representation of Navajo people. Being around Navajo people and even having a few Navajo friends of my own, he is a good representation of them and part of their culture. And I found the rest of the representation of their culture in the story to be very interesting.

In conclusion, The Mystery of the Lost Will is a great story! It is a lot of fun, is wonderfully written, has some really interesting and cool representation of Navajo culture, and is overall just a great story for all ages. I enjoyed reading through it my first time, and I would definitely read it again. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a story that is fun and lighthearted while still managing to bring some interesting themes and information to the table

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