Little Astro and the Mysterious Moon Rock

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“…Delightfully illustrated… provides an important life lesson…”

By: Logan Matthews


Little Astro is a robot who collects rocks on the moon. But when he goes too far away, he gets left behind. How will he get home by himself?


Ages 5 – 9, Grades 1 – 3


ISBN: 978-1-944644-02-04
LCCN: 2017941698
Paperback: 27 pgs
Dimensions: 6 x 9


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Little Astro and a human astronaut are working on the moon.



Darwin is a monkey in a spacesuit that is trapped on the moon. He is very sad and sitting all alone.
About This Book

Meet Little Astro, a robot who finds a special moon rock. When he’s stranded on the moon, he finds a monkey who has also been stranded. By combining their skills, they help each other find a way home. Logan Matthews’ whimsical illustrations pull young readers into space, where they learn even impossible seeming tasks can be solved with friendship and cooperation.


"...Will help young explorers understand pushing through failures to find a solution."

"Science, Technology, Engineering and Math often applauds failure. But what does that mean to a kid who is stuck and feeling lonely and frustrated? Little Astro gives a glimpse at tackling quirky challenges in a delightfully illustrated way. This book will help young explorers understand pushing through failures to find a solution and understand the process of creative problem solving."

-- Susan Bonner, MFA, Assistant Professor, Kendall College of Art & Design


"...Delightfully illustrated book that provides an important life lesson..."

"Little Astro is a little tale about a little problem… well maybe not that little. You see, Astro, the robot, has been stranded on a remote planet with an astronaut monkey named Darwin. They decide to team up and find a way to get home.

Readers are taken on a journey of loneliness, failure and perseverance that ultimately leads to success and joy. All accomplished by their belief in each other. This is a terrific, delightfully illustrated book that provides an important life lesson."

-- Bill Fischer, Chair Digital Media, Kendall College of Art & Design

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