Iora and the Realm of Legends

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by Arefa Tehsin
Cover Design by Priya Kuriyan

A captivating read!

An adventure packed mind blowing trip!


What if an evil character escaped into the real world?

Iora, Owlus, and Chinar, 12-year-olds now living in the rainforest school Gurukul, enter the realm where the rainforest legends and stories are kept. They must capture the Ghost of Echo, who has joined hands with Homo diabolus, to prevent an ancient prophecy from favouring the dark forces.

Will the three friends, along with their reluctant guide, The Laughing Boy Who Never Dies, be able to stop the deadly Ghost of Echo? Or will they be forever caught in the realm and become a legend themselves?


Ages 11-15, Grades 6-9
Paperback ISBN:978-1-944644-41-3
E-book: 978-1-944644-42-0

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This item will be released 11/21/2023.


From Donovan’s Literary Services  (Read full review)

Young adult readers of epic fantasy and adventure who look for stories embedded with these elements and solid, compelling young characters will find Iora and the Realm of Legends a gripping read…

The story’s complex setting and contention might confuse kids at first, but Arefa Tehsin creates compelling characters whose special interests and force power through any initial complexity…

As a series of encounters mingle to create avenues of confusion and new possibility for the trio, young readers will find the potentials and promises of this realm to be as inviting as considerations of its impact on the broader environment outside its borders.

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