But Gertie Garza, You’re a Girl!

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This short story is a true gem5 Star Review from Reader Views

will enchant young readers

By Melanie Mathis Miller
Illustrated by Karissa Miller Laffey


Who says a girl can’t be a lion tamer?

Gertie’s friends say she can’t be what she wants because she’s a girl. But why not? So, Gertie’s Abuela tells her stories about all the things she did as a young woman. Abuela went so many places and did so many things that Gertie just KNOWS she can be anything she wants!


Ages 7-9, Grades 2nd-3rd
Hardback ISBN:978-1-944644-43-7
E-book: 978-1-944644-44-4

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Noelle Miller, librarian for the Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD

This first book by Melanie Miller was a charming tale about a girl named Gertie Garza. The lyrical rhyming of the text will enchant young readers. The story describes Gertie as an atypical girl who prefers playing outdoors and getting scraped and dirty. This story cleverly connects with our immigrant children from Spanish speaking countries as Mrs. Miller weaves in the relationship of Gertie’s “Abuela”. Gertie’s grandmother encourages her sense of adventure and encourages her to be whomever she wishes to be and to not let others dictate her future. The overall theme of individualism and girl power is strong.
The illustrations created by Karissa Laffey, are a delight to the eye and truly compliment the text. The illustrations of the animals are especially realistic and enjoyable. I would have preferred to see even more illustrations in the story.
I highly recommend this picture book for all but, especially for girls age 4-8. I look forward to Mrs. Miller’s next adventure in children’s literature.

Reader Views Kids – Read Full Review  5 Star Review from Reader Views

This short story is a true gem. It has a great message, good rhyming, humor, and attractive illustrations…The rhymes are great—they are very catchy and engaging for young children to catch on to. Young girls will feel inspired and encouraged after reading this book. Even readers who are not girls or who are dealing with different issues resulting from being criticized by others can gain insight from seeing Gertie’s attitude. Gertie likes herself and doesn’t let what others say affect who she is. She doesn’t question if she is wrong to think the way she does but knows that she is going to be what she wants to be.
Overall, “But Gertie Garza, You’re a Girl!” is a very cute and funny story. Gertie Garza even reminds me of myself when I was a young girl. Mealanie Mathis Miller tackles a persistent societal issue by starting small—with young minds who shouldn’t have to face judgment because of their gender. It’s a great addition to any public or home library.


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