"But Gertie Garza, Your'er a Girl!" Page 9 - Gertie's school friends are siting in chars around Gertie, who is dressed as a lion tamer. The are telling her she can't be a lion tamer because she's a girl."But Gertie Garza, Your'er a Girl!" Page 6: Gertie is acting like a monkey while 2 boys laugh and roll on the ground with her."But Gertie Garza, Your'er a Girl!" Page 13: Gertie's Abuela is running with the bulls in Spain.

But Gertie Garza, You’re a Girl!

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By Melanie Mathews Miller
Illustrated by Karissa Miller Laffey

Who says a girl can’t be a lion tamer?

Gertie’s friends say she can’t be what she wants because she’s a girl. But why not? So, Gertie’s Abuela tells her stories about all the things she did as a young woman. Abuela went so many places and did so many things that Gertie just KNOWS she can be anything she wants!


Ages 7-9, Grades 2nd-3rd
Hardback ISBN:978-1-944644-43-7
E-book: 978-1-944644-44-4

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