New Year Inspiration

Happy New Year!

Cover for "Katy on Broadway" from the Kitty in the City Series. A black and white cat in a pink sparkly dress is singing under a spotlight with the New York City skyline in the background.We all know January is all about inspiration and setting goals for the new year, and what’s more inspiring than a singing cat?

Katy loves to sing and practices every day. Gerry says she can’t sing, and Lilian says New York is too dangerous for such a small kitty. But now she’s ready to try! She escapes her yard and makes it to the city. But it IS a big scary place! Now she’s all alone and lost. How will she find her way? Can she really become a superstar?

Joey Madia from New Mystic Reviews not only gave Katy on Broadway a great review, but read the book during one of his story times! Be sure to watch as he gives each character personality!

“The Adventures of Lucy Goose and Molly Moose” by Hannah Lieberman. A goose wearing a hat is ‘taking a selfie’ with a moose wearing a pink sweater.Even while we think about what we’ll be doing in the coming year, we still need to take time for ourselves – Celebrate the Festival of Sleep on Jan 3rd with The Adventures of Lucy Goose and Molly Moose!

When Lucy Goose and Molly Moose read a book, they go on wonderful adventures! Join them as they meet polka dot dinosaurs, flying purple whales, and even peacocks in the ocean. They party so hard with their friendsthat everyone falls asleep!

Dr. Deb Bowling says “The book is absolutely delightful!” and Nancy Vorsanger says it’s “a beautifully illustrated bedtime story about imagination and friendship… Young children will love the whimsical illustrations featuring intricate detail and bold colors.

Since these books weren’t part of our Christmas sale last month, both books will be on sale for 12% off all January!