Melissa Vandiver

Melissa Vandiver, Artists/Illustrator



Melissa Vandiver is a New Orleans-based artist and illustrator specializing in acrylic, gouache, & watercolor. Her artistic mission is simple: to create images that evoke joy in a dark world. Melissa grew up in South Carolina, and has been drawing and painting since she can remember. She studied architecture at Clemson University, combining her math brain with her art brain. After some time, she got sick of drawing toilets, and the art called to her. She is best known for her whimsical themed pet portraits, which are all custom commissioned and designed individually for each pet, and also for the children’s books she’s illustrated (just a few published but more on the way!). When not drawing and painting, Melissa is glittering, hot gluing, talking to dogs like they’re people, working on costumes and floats, and other general introvert fun.

Illustrations by Melissa Vandiver

"The Rose Without a Name: The story of the Katrina Rose" by Nancy Rust & Carol Stubbs. A bee flies over old-fashioned roses near a sign that says,"Peggy Martin's Garden."