Introducing Nova Roma 2!

Get ready to continue the alternate history of the North American journey with Nova Roma 2: Quaestu pro Nova Terra by Anderson Gentry, coming August 8th 2023!

Rome unlocks a continent.

Eighty years have passed since General Gnaeus Pompey and the Optimates of the Senate took refuge on the shores of Nova Roma. In that time, the new Roman Republic has grown steadily and is now ready to explore the great expanse past the Mesizibi.

But their goal is not going unnoticed.

To the north, the Remans of the Five Seas Nation have not found life easy. The nation of soldiers and ironworkers rely on the Romans much more than they like and are not content to let the Romans claim the entire continent.

The Myans to the south are at the pinnacle of their civilization and looking at the resource potential of the uncharted lands.

Add to the tumultuous situation, fierce natives who will fight to protect their lands from intruders.

Who will prevail in conquering this vast, wild land?

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