Happy MidYear!

Happy MidYear!

I’m excited to announce that all our E-book titles, will be available as part of a promotion on Smashwords for the entire month of July as part of their Annual Summer/Winter Sale! This is a chance to get books from our authors as well as many other great authors, at a discount so you can get right to reading.

All our books are at least 50% off and some are FREE

Nova Roma 2: Questu pro Nova Terra comes out August 8th and Iora and the Realm of Legends comes out November 21st, so read the first of the Nova Roma Series and Iora’s Adventure series  FREE!!

"Nova Roma 1: De Itinere in Occasum" by Anderson Gentry. A map of the route the Romans took to the continent from Greece. It is bordered on the top by Roman triemes rolling on a rough see, and on the bottom with a vignette of two Romans in traditional dress meeting a native American woman."Iora and the Quest of Five" by Arefa Tehsin. A girl is falling backwards into water. Around her are images of jungle plants and leaves, two creepy looking men, and a black sabertooth cat.

Be sure to solve some mystery with our teen detectives! Haunted House is FREE and Lost Will is only $2.49! The Secret of the Haunted House” by Jack Yerby. Two teen boys are walking towards an abandoned, half burnt, adobe house with flashlights at night.The Mystery of the Lost Will by Jack Yerby.

And even more sleuthing with a bit of magic for our slightly younger readers! Missing Moonstones FREE and Trouble with Trolls only $2.49!

'Winnie and the Mystery of the Missing Moonstones' by JP Coman, Illustrated by Maïlys Pitcher. A young girl peers over the bushes to see a troll lifting a toy troll doll.'"Winnie and the Trouble with Trolls" by JP Coman. Illustration by Maïlys Pitcher. A young teen girl is surprised as looks over her shoulder at a troll sticking out of her backpack.

A wonderfully exciting chapter book for our early readers for only $1.99! Cover for "Katy on Broadway" from the Kitty in the City Series. A black and white cat in a pink sparkly dress is singing under a spotlight with the New York City skyline in the background.

Bowlers is perfect for 2nd grade pranksters, and Lucy Goose and Molly Moose have fun with lots of interesting Friends! Read along enabled for only $3.99 each! "Bowlers" by Duane M. Abel. A purple cereal mascot is holding his spoon ready to eat a colorful breakfast cereal from a bowl.“The Adventures of Lucy Goose and Molly Moose” by Hannah Lieberman. A goose wearing a hat is ‘taking a selfie’ with a moose wearing a pink sweater.

And we round out the mix with our Award winning Sci-Fi Series! Crider Chronicles FREE and Sky of Diamonds only $4.49!

"The Crider Chronicles" by Anderson Gentry. A generally cylindrical space ship flying away on a vast starfield."Sky of Diamonds" by Anderson Gentry. A dark star field overlayed with transparent gapping, large-toothed jaws.

Find all our titles at Smashwords, but be sure to check out all the other great books available this month! And don’t forget to share this promo with friends and family!

Everyone have a Safe and Wonderful Independence Day!

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