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Ebooks for Hot Weather

It’s much too hot to carry books around, so we’re focusing on ebooks this month.

And we’ve got a couple of newly released ebooks currently only available through Amazon.

"The Rose Without a Name: The story of the Katrina Rose" by Nancy Rust & Carol Stubbs. A bee flies over old-fashioned roses near a sign that says,"Peggy Martin's Garden."We finally have The Rose Without a Name ebook available.

It’s regularly $6.99, but this month we’ve got a special Kindle Countdown deal for you! Starting 13th, you can get your copy for just .99! But on July 16th at 4:00pm PDT it’ll go up to $3.99 until July 20th. Don’t delay!!

With its message of triumph over adversity, lovely art, and interesting back material, readers of all ages will enjoy it!

“Iris and the Turtles” by Malanie Mathis Miller cover. A young girl is floating on her back with a sea turtle swimming on either side of her. There are also many fish in the water.The ebook of our newest childen’s release, Iris and the Turtles will be FREE on Amazon July 1-3 ! Be sure to check it out then get the hardback copy for your favorite turtle fans!

Well written [and] the captivating illustrations will mesmerize the readers…each page immerses the reader to the very depths of the ocean.


We’re once again participating in the Smashwords Annual Summer/Winter Sale!
Our Series starters will be FREE and everything else will by 75% off!

CDP Ebooks on Smashwords Summer Sale.Science Fiction: Space Exploration: The Crider Chronicles,
Alternative History: Nova Roma 1: De Itinere in Occasum
10 -13-year-old Mystery: The Mystery of the Lost Will
10 -13-year-old Fantasy: Iora and the Quest of Five
8 -11-year-old Fantasy: Winnie and the Mystery of the Missing Moonstones

You can find them all on our Smashwords Profile Page, and be sure to check out all the other great books on sale!


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