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Anderson Gentry grew up in the hills and trout streams of northeast Iowa’s wooded uplands, gaining a keen interest in wildlife, camping, hunting, fishing and the outdoors. Gentry served in the U.S. Army in the last years of the Cold War, including service in the Persian Gulf War. Captain Gentry concluded his military career by serving on the staff of the Command Surgeon, U.S. Army, Europe. Along the way, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Biology.

He released his first major novel, The Crider Chronicles in 2005. The Crider Chronicles received a 2005 Preditors & Editors Reader’s Choice Award for Top Ten Science Fiction Novel. The Galactic Confederacy series has since continued with the 2008 release of Sky of Diamonds. Two more novels, Ghost Stories and Higher Learning will complete the Confederacy series. In 2008, he also released the first in the Barrett’s Privateers series. Coming soon are the first in the Nova Roma and Wrecking Crew storylines. Anderson Gentry’s vision of the future combines a high-tech, planet-hopping world presented in a gritty, real style that has led some to call him the “Tom Clancy of sci-fi.” His fast-paced, hard-hitting style combines a unique blend of outdoor savvy, real-world military experience and realistic character development to the sci-fi genre.

Photo of the author team, JP Coman



The writing team of J P Coman consists of a married couple who have raised three children and use their experiences to create characters and situations that people can identify with.

J has been writing poems since age 6 and has written comic strips, stories, puppet theater, plays, screenplays, and now his second book. One of his screenplays was a Star Trek teleplay for ST:TNG, which was submitted for Paramount to consider. He is married to P, the co-author of the Troll story. Among his many interests are music, videography, theater, TED talks, Catholic bible studies, science fiction, and enjoying audiobooks. Her interests include church ministry, pediatric physical therapy, spiritual writing, inspirational talks, and gourmet and Cajun cooking. They both enjoy camping, cruising, and outdoor grilling. And apparently his dishwashing skills are beyond compare.

J is past president of the West Texas Writers of Midland, Texas, and has been the editor and publisher of newsletters such as the Houston Epson User Group, the Acadiana Area Apple User Group, the Houston Mirror, the Midland Memoirs, and Lafayette Lagniappe. He has also written over 50 songs, one of which was used in his play “Mirror, Mirror” which he produced at the Playwright’s Theatre of Louisiana.



Sugary sweets and twinkling stardust creates the collection of fantasies from the mind of illustrator, Amber Heaton. Amber has her Bachelor’s degree in illustration from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI. When Amber isn’t dreaming in pink, she’s snuggling up with her kitties and watching horror movies. She is pursuing her dreams of becoming a children’s book illustrator and wedding stationery designer while also working in production art.



Logan Matthews has written and illustrated for Eastern Michigan University's newspaper, The Eastern Echo. He has also had works shown in galleries around West Michigan. Logan recently graduated with a Digital Media Degree at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and currently works as a 2D/3D artist in Farmington. While attending school, he has worked at The Fed Galleries as Gallery Assistant, as well as Freelancing projects in illustration, animation, and design. His work is often light-hearted and fun with bright colors and strange characters. He is inspired most by cartoons, music, video games, history and people. In his free time, he likes to bike and try delicious new foods.



Award winning author Taylor Overbey was the managing editor of GLAD, the Christian Humor Magazine for three years in the early 1980’s. It was here that his numerous comic stories were published in over 17 issues. After leaving GLAD, he moved to California where he wrote and drew short stories for Blackthorne Comics titles “Laffin’ Gas” and “The Legion of Stupid Heroes”, and self-syndicated a weekly comic feature called, “Curious Words and Fascinating Phrases,” about word and phrase origins. He later wrote, performed puppets, and did animated cartoons for a children’s DVD series, “A Street Called Straight.”

Taylor wrote and illustrated his first children’s book, The SNIT and George Franklin Whit for his son, Elias, when Elias was in the first grade. Nine years later he and his wife had a girl, Sophia, for whom he wrote The I-Wants and the Gimmies, a CIPA award winner.

“My father used to call my sister and me, ‘Grab’ and ‘Snatch’, ” says Overbey, “although I was never sure which was which. It wasn’t until I had children of my own that I saw they don’t like to share, naturally. Everything is ‘Mine!’ That, and my father’s nicknames were the inspiration for The I-Wants and the Gimmies.”

Taylor lives in Louisiana with his wife, Youla, and two children, Elias and Sophia. He is the Department Chair for Fine Arts at South Louisiana Community College. While teaching fine art and digital media classes, he somehow still manages to find time to write, draw and paint.



Hanna Al-Shaer is a winner of the 2017 Illustrators of the Future Contest and is featured in Volume 33 of Writers of the Future. She currently is attending Kendall College of Art and Design and is Majoring in Digital Art and Design as well as Illustration. She loves to tell stories through her art and is working hard to improve and grow her craft.



Maïlys Pitcher has always been passionate about drawing and story-telling. She grew up in a bilingual family of artists, surrounded by illustrated books, paintings and French comic books, and soon knew she wanted to make art her career. In high school, she won a national drawing contest and illustrated her first children book. Since then she has done more illustrations jobs, worked on art commissions and various designing projects. She is currently studying CG animation at Mopa in France.

In her art, she wants to tell a story and engender emotions to the viewer. Lighting and colours are her favorite part of research, and she is fascinated by how they can affect and give a mood to a piece. In her spare time, she mainly enjoys walks, playing guitar, cycle rides, sketching with friends, baking, and cooking while video chatting with her family.