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Limerick Fun

Limerick Fun

Today is National Limerick Day, so let’s have some limerick fun! Here’s one I created for today: There once was a boy from VerdunWho loved to dance in the sunBut when the sun went to sleepHe’d fall in a heap“I wish I could keep having fun!” Edward Lear made limericks popular with his “Book of...

Writing prompt for Administrative's Day

Administrative Professional’s Day

Here’s a fun writing prompt for revenge on a bad boss. Have fun with this one, but remember, no poison! Feel free to leave a comment if you use my prompts. Even better, send me a link! And happy Administrative Professionals Day to all you hard working people out there!

Writing Prompt from CDP: A magnetic personality is supposedly a good thing. But what do you do when you can't turn it off?

Magnetic Personality

A magnetic personality is a desirable trait, especially for running a business. But what might happen if, after striving to achieve that wonderful balance of being interesting as well as genuinely interested in others, if you couldn’t get any personal time for yourself? Here’s a simple writing prompt I created after reading some entrepreneurial techniques....

They say in spring young thoughts turn to love. I always enjoyed a completely different kind of spring awakening.

Springtime Love

I love winter, but we’ve had so many days with a messy rain/snow mix, that I’m just done with it. I’m ready for spring. So for you midweek writers, here’s (probably) the first of several spring themed prompts.

You've gotta come see! I found this beautiful plant in the woods yesterday. And now that it's bloomed, it's just to die for!

Mystery Plant

For this week’s writing prompt, I was thinking of aliens when I came up with the idea of a strange plant. (Little Shop of Horrors, anyone?) But I wonder-would it be better to have a more nefarious cause?    

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