JP Coman: On Writing

Continuing the special series about JP Coman, we asked  for their thoughts on writing. If you missed part 1, read it now! What do you think most characterizes your writing? Great dialog and interaction. Characters that are memorable, and scenes that you can visualize like a movie. Why did you choose to write Children’s Fantasy?  The worlds that children inhabit can be fun and inventive. Children often say things that are so far out it sparks our imagination. What does … Read More

A Figure of Speech

Figurative language is essential for creating a full sensory environment and helps readers to become emotionally invested in your characters. It’s also what will most likely be quoted when people talk about your writing. “My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.” (Blazing Saddles) Is not just a beautiful statement, but conveys the personality of the character much better than, ‘I have a lot of ideas’ ever would have. 7 … Read More

Chicken is the Word of the Day

Inktober Day 5 I had a hard time creating a prompt for today until I remembered something a young soldier once told me when he was admitted to sick call. A long night in the ER started with, “the chicken was pink in the middle, but we ate it anyway.” Feel free to submit anything written from my prompts  – I’ll post and credit you! Here’s a Punk Rock Chicken from Ruby Drake!  

Spell- Inktober Day 4

Today’s word is Spell. I’ve come up with an interesting writing prompt: I’ll always remember her last words, “Come sit with me a spell, child. There’s things you need to know.” And the next illustration by Ruby Drake – are we under her spell, or she under ours?


I’ve decided to add a writing prompt to go along with any illustrations I post: Today’s word is: roasted. I always loved sitting around the campfire, roasting fork in hand, listening to the family stories. It was such a strange thing to learn most families roasted marshmallows.   Here’s Ruby Drake’s take on the theme:

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