Marking Time

I got a little behind last week due to illness, and all my illustrators had life intrusions that derailed Inktober. But, I’m going to continue creating writing prompts. I’ll post new prompts on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s, and would love to hear what everyone writes with them! Today’s prompt is: The old grandfather clock never kept time properly, but I loved hearing the tick in the hallway. Now it’s just counting down the minutes until my death. Have fun!

Guard your Expression

Guarded is today’s word: “Why do we guard these things?” the young man asked. “It’s not like there’s anything to steal.” The old soldier gazed thoughtfully at the weathered wood before answering, “Well, we ain’t protectin’ what’s inside, you know.”  

Chase the White Whale

For the 11th Day of Inktober, Whale is the word. You know it’s going to be a bad day when you wake up on the beach. Next to a whale. Then you think, Not again! Add some humor to your writing.

Don’t Be Cruel

Today’s word is Cruel, although my prompt went a little creepy. The little girl was loved by eveyone. No one understood just how cruel she really was.  

Keep Flowing

Day 10’s word is Flowing -how about a little mystery for the month? As the flowing water slowly made it’s way through the cemetery, the miniature boat master quietly began his tale. “This whole town comes alive once a year…”  

My Precious

Whenever I hear the word precious, I always think of Gollum, so I had to go a slightly different direction. A little bit of Sci-Fi, maybe? “We only require precious metals, nothing more,” assured the Homdu Prime Amassador. We didn’t understand how bad the translation was until the harvesting started. Illustrations to come later….

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