Authors Need Websites

It shouldn’t surprise authors that they need a website to promote themselves.  But in my experience, it does. Many authors think that having their book on a publisher’s site (or worse, listed on Amazon) can substitute for the web presence they really need. In today’s connected world, people don’t just buy books. They buy a book based on a recommendation, then if they like it, they start looking for other books by that author. That’s why the top names sell … Read More

Make it Logical

Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and thought, that wouldn’t really happen? Of course you have! As adults, we are constantly expected to allow some suspension of disbelief in our entertainment, especially in science fiction and fantasy. Children, however, are not as forgiving and will call you out if the facts of your fiction aren’t logical. A quick search will give tips about creating believable characters, plots, and scenarios that children will love. But very few … Read More

Engaging Dialogue

While it’s not difficult to describe your characters, a paragraph (or more) of exposition is really boring. The best way to present your characters is to show their personalities through engaging dialogue. A quick search yields many tips for writing better dialogue. The ‘rules’ of dialogue are fairly simple (if not always simple to follow) and can be broken down quickly into 5 key ideas. Keep it simple. People don’t speak in full, grammatically correct sentences, so neither should your … Read More

Past or Present Tense

Does your story play out in cinematic ‘real time’ or is it narrated from a past event? Past and present tense narration are the two primary (and most logical ) choices for storytelling and each has pros and cons. Because it is very difficult and time consuming to change from one to the other you must decide which to use at the beginning of the writing process. Present tense narration in Young Adult Fiction became popular after the success of … Read More

Who are you? Know your POV

You’ve got a story to tell, but before you even write the first line, you must decide who you are. Are you the main character, who only knows what she can see outside her window? Maybe you’re the all-knowing god of your world. Or perhaps, like most stories, your point of view lies somewhere in between. Your point of view (POV) dictates not only how you tell your story, but also how much information you provide to the reader. Many … Read More

Where Do Your Characters Live?

Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and realized the characters are defiantly not where they say they are? I remember seeing a movie that showed Denver, Colorado as a small ski town in the mountains. Not only did it break my suspension of disbelief in the story, it caused me to start looking for other incorrect details. That was probably not the intention of the director. Your characters must live, work and play somewhere. If you … Read More

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