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A spoonful of cereal with milk. blueberries, and raspberries is being lifted out of a bowl.

Breakfast Reading

  Everyone knows it’s back to school time, but did you know September is also National Better Breakfast Month? It’s the perfect time to think about how important a good balanced breakfast is to set you up for the day. We even have breakfast reading to remind you  – Bowlers: The Cereal Mascot! Bowlers is...

Child holding the world in her hand.

Cli-Fi for kids

What do most kids know about the environment? Only what they’re taught, of course. But that doesn’t always lead to a true understanding of how they fit into the mix. Enter Cli-fi (short for Climate fiction), a class of stories that introduce environments and their specific concerns to kids. Be sure to look at Rati...

Spark a Change

Spark a Change

‘Read Books. Spark Change.’ is the theme for Children’s Book Week, May 1-7,2023. Be sure to check out Every Child a Reader to learn about all the great activities you can do with your kids to get them reading! You can even download the poster which has great activities on the back! To go with...

A tuxedo cat is falling over a railing, and upsetting a man with a pretzel cart. Pretzels are flying everywhere.

Speed Painting Katy

Ella English shared a speed paint one of the illustrations for her upcoming book. We’re still running a poll on the name, but right now, it’s leaning towards Katy on Broadway! If you haven’t voted, chime in on our Facebook Group or Instagram. We’ll leave it running through Sunday, and make a final decision on...

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