A spoonful of cereal with milk. blueberries, and raspberries is being lifted out of a bowl.

Breakfast Reading


Everyone knows it’s back to school time, but did you know September is also National Better Breakfast Month? It’s the perfect time to think about how important a good balanced breakfast is to set you up for the day. We even have breakfast reading to remind you  – Bowlers: The Cereal Mascot!

"Bowlers" by Duane M. Abel. A purple cereal mascot is holding his spoon ready to eat a colorful breakfast cereal from a bowl. Bowlers is a cereal mascot who didn’t want to push sugary cereal anymore, so sets out on a search for a healthy breakfast, that of course, contains cereal. His boss doesn’t like it when he leaves, so sends some mean mascots after Bowlers to change his mind. Bowlers doesn’t let that bother him, which makes them very angry. Get your own copy to see how it all works out! And this month, Bowlers: The Cereal Mascot is 10% off!Bolwers is imagining two children eating breakfast. One is eatling a bowl of cereal like an angel. The other is hanging upside down, spilling cereal and milk everywhere.

Take a selfie of yourself eating breakfast with Bowlers and be sure to share with #BetterBreakfastMonth and #bolwersthecerealmascot!



Duane M. Abel, Author.Duane M. Abel was born in a small Ohio town and spent his childhood drawing cartoons, watching Saturday morning cartoons and reading the Sunday funnies. He sold his first cartoon to a small magazine at age twelve and began drawing his comic strip ZED at age fifteen for his community newspaper. A few months later Duane would become the youngest syndicated cartoonist in the county with Future Features Syndicate (the company would dissolve a few months later). Before graduating high school Duane accepted a full theatrical scholarship to The University of Akron and signed his first book deal on the same day!  Duane majored in overacting while minoring in comedic scene stealing, and upon graduation he married his college sweetheart Coral. In the winter of 2005, Duane formed Corkey Comics Publishing which handles his comic strip for newspapers and book publications. ZED appears in weekly community newspapers and Duane reaches as many as 100 schools a year (and over 1000 in his career) presenting his assembly DRAW YOUR DESTINY! Duane is the host of the TV show CARTOONING WITH DUANE and a member of The National Cartoonists Society. He and his wife still live in Ohio and are the proud parents to two boys. Duane can often be found at the same drawing board he has had since he was ten, his dog Mops can often be found sleeping under it!