Don’t Be Cruel

Today’s word is Cruel, although my prompt went a little creepy. The little girl was loved by eveyone. No one understood just how cruel she really was.  

Keep Flowing

Day 10’s word is Flowing -how about a little mystery for the month? As the flowing water slowly made it’s way through the cemetery, the miniature boat master quietly began … Read More

My Precious

Whenever I hear the word precious, I always think of Gollum, so I had to go a slightly different direction. A little bit of Sci-Fi, maybe? “We only require precious … Read More

A Figure of Speech

Figurative language is essential for creating a full sensory environment and helps readers to become emotionally invested in your characters. It’s also what will most likely be quoted when people … Read More

Seeing Stars

Day 8 of Inktober is Star. Let’s add a little mystery to our writing: The astronomer sat open mouthed when he realized the north star was simply…gone.  

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