Springtime Love

I love winter, but we’ve had so many days with a messy rain/snow mix, that I’m just done with it. I’m ready for spring. So for you midweek writers, here’s … Read More

Hooray for Dr. Seuss!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! And with that, let’s encourage kids to read. Tomorrow, March 2nd, is Read Across America Day, when schools, libraries, bookstores and local organizations nationwide encourage reading … Read More

Mystery Plant

For this week’s writing prompt, I was thinking of aliens when I came up with the idea of a strange plant. (Little Shop of Horrors, anyone?) But I wonder-would it … Read More

Crows in the Trees

I’ve been in a couple cities where crows gather in extremely large murders at sunset. It’s a bit unsettling to walk under them.

Be Anything!

When your’re young and people tell you that you can grow up to be anything, they’re generally thinking inside a box of standard vocations. But if you could literally be … Read More

Best Organizer

We all know good organization helps us live a simpler life. But you can take it too far. How about a little speculation about when it goes too far?

Down the Drain

A writing prompt for those on the darker side of things. I wrote this one last year, but didn’t want to post it during the holidays.

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