Red Roses in a field.

Summer is Here

We’ve had an exceptionally cold spring up here in the great land, so it’s hard for me to think summer thoughts, but here we are going into June already! I’m just hoping it’ll be warm enough to get my garden planted soon, but in the meantime I’m looking at gardens from the lower 48. Peggy Martin had a beautiful garden with over 450 varieties of roses and flowers in her Louisiana home prior to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. When she was able to return home after the destruction, she found one spot of green in her destroyed garden: a wild...

Introducing Nova Roma 2!

Get ready to continue the alternate history of the North American journey with Nova Roma 2: Quaestu pro Nova Terra by Anderson Gentry, coming August 8th 2023! Rome unlocks a continent. Eighty years have passed since General Gnaeus Pompey and the Optimates of the Senate took refuge on the shores of Nova Roma. In that time, the new Roman Republic has grown steadily and is now ready to explore the great expanse past the Mesizibi. But their goal is not going unnoticed. To the north, the Remans of the Five Seas Nation have not found life easy. The nation of...

Spark a Change

Spark a Change

‘Read Books. Spark Change.’ is the theme for Children’s Book Week, May 1-7,2023. Be sure to check out Every Child a Reader to learn about all the great activities you can do with your kids to get them reading! You can even download the poster which has great activities on the back! To go with that theme, we’re running special prices on two of our children’s books that can spark change by teaching young readers important concepts that will help them for the rest of their life.   Pearls for Pearl by Amber Heaton is an award winning story for...

JP Coman with “Trouble with Trolls”

Sunday afternoon, JP Coman visited with readers at the Lafayette, Louisiana Barnes & Noble to showcase their newest title of the Trolls Series, Winnie and the Trouble with Trolls. Many thanks to the wonderfully helpful staff! It’s fun to see Winnie trying to get out of trouble from her wishes. We also get to follow a small group of trolls traveling all across the US and Canada! If you haven’t read about Winnie’s Adventures yet, both books in the series are on sale for 20% off with code 23MARWINNE through Friday, March 31!    

Illustration from The Rose Without a Name by Nancy Rust and Carol Stubbs

Lazy Gardener Review

Thanks so much for the wonderful review of The Rose Without a Name from Nature’s Way Resources in their November 5th Lazy Gardener & Friends newsletter!