"The Rose Without a Name: The story of the Katrina Rose" by Nancy Rust & Carol Stubbs. A bee flies over old-fashioned roses near a sign that says,"Peggy Martin's Garden."

Beautiful Reviews for Rose Without a Name

We’ve been getting some great reviews for our upcoming title, The Rose Without a Name.

The most recent one was provided by Marilyn Wellan,  American Rose Society President 2003-2006, Chairman of the Rose Horticulture & Research Library Board for the American Rose Society, and Chairman of the Library Committee for the Alexandria Garden Club.

The Rose Without a Name is a “once upon a time” kind of story that will thrill the children it was written for, but also their parents or older brothers or sisters who will read it with them. It is the poignant story of the rose that survived the monster storm, Hurricane Katrina. It is a story of the strength and resilience of the rose, but also of the rose lady who grew it, Peggy Rose Martin. She grew the rose as “the rose without a name;” it drew the admiration of many rosarians, and the popularity of the rose was on the rise even before Hurricane Katrina.

But after the storm, “the Katrina Rose” as it is sometimes called, proved itself invincible in a dramatic way; it is among “the few, the immortal few that were not born to die.” News of the miracle of the rose surviving the great hurricane  spread far and wide. As a result, the rose ‘Peggy Martin’ now lives and thrives in beautiful rose gardens everywhere.

There is so much for children to learn from this beautiful little book, both as students in a classroom, or on the sofa with their families. It speaks to the beauty of the rose and the little creatures that aid in its growth. It illustrates the power of nature to destroy, but also to restore itself. The now legendary rose, ‘Peggy Martin’ gives us reason to believe that, when it appears all is lost, life and hope are all around us, and that we can find great joy in a garden of roses.

Authors Nancy Rust and Carol Stubbs have portrayed this true story in a way that will educate and enlighten; artist Melissa Vandiver’s illustrations are charming, exciting, nicely detailed and colorful. The book is recommended for children ages 6-10; for grades 1-4. The book cover will be hardback; sized 8 x 10. The back pages include “Hurricane Facts,” “Fun Facts About Roses,” and “The Story Behind the Story.” It will be released on August 9, 2021.

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