Authors Need Websites

Authors Need Websites

It shouldn’t surprise authors that they need a website to promote themselves. 

But in my experience, it does. Many authors think that having their book on a publisher’s site (or worse, listed on Amazon) can substitute for the web presence they really need.

In today’s connected world, people don’t just buy books. They buy a book based on a recommendation, then if they like it, they start looking for other books by that author. That’s why the top names sell so many newly released books.

Let’s face it.  The best promotion tool you have is yourself. Readers want to get to know you, and the most controlled way of achieving that is an author website.

Your site doesn’t need to be high end. A good functional site where you can put up information about yourself, your characters, and your books is a good place to start. You don’t even need a shopping cart if you link to your publisher or primary sales outlets.

But, you say, that means I need to keep up a regular blog.  You don’t need to.  Updating with new projects, future books, visit schedule, awards, and reviews as you have them is good enough. Ensure you link to your active social media accounts and maintain a mailing list so you can alert your fans when you update.

Since you have a simple website, you don’t need to spend a lot in creating your page. Web-designer Robert Menning has created a comprehensive comparison of some of the most popular website builders available, so you can start building your site today.

So, now you have a great place for people to get to know your and your books!

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