Alisse Lee Goldenberg, Author

Alisse Lee Goldenberg


Alisse Lee Goldenberg is an award winning author of Children's Lit, Horror, Young Adult Paranormal Romance, and Young Adult Fantasy fiction. She is currently working on four series: The Sitnalta Series, The Children of Colonodona, The Dybbuk Scrolls, and The Bath Salts Journals (co-authored with An Tran). She has also written the award winning Middle Grade novel Lucky At Bat with her son Joseph. She has her Bachelors of Education and a Fine Arts degree, and has studied fantasy and folk lore since she was a child. Alisse is also a screenwriter and playwright, creating the world of Jay & Shilo. She is currently living in Toronto with her husband Brian, their triplets Joseph, Phillip, and Hailey, and a full menagerie of animals, including a dog, gerbil, two rescue rats, and a grumpy hedgehog named Sonic.