About Us

Photograph of Dawn Clark

While my friends were happily reading Judy Blume and Thomas Rockwell, I was voraciously reading full length novels by the likes of Stephen King, Clive Barker, and Dean Koontz. Maybe not the best choices for an impressionable pre-teen, but I found them to be so much more interesting than books written for my age.

My children followed this passion of reading, and as they also started moving toward full length novels in 3rd grade, I realized there really weren’t a lot of choices for young advanced readers.

In looking for more options, I began beta-reading and editing science fiction and fantasy manuscripts, and discovered I had a talent of finding continuity and plausibility errors. As my children started leaving the nest, I had time to pursue my passion of writing, but found self publishing a daunting task, especially for children and YA books.

So, I started reaching out to others in a similar circumstance. With a few illustrators and authors by my side, we were focused on E-Publishing, but found there are many strong author/illustrators that are unable to find a voice in mainstream Children’s and Young Adult publishing. We decided to take the plunge, and Crimson Dragon Publishing took flight.

How is Crimson Dragon Publishing different?

Since we are small, we can afford to look at new and self-published authors seeking an alternative to traditional and DIY publishing. We help you polish your manuscript, format it for the appropriate sales channels, and work with you to market your book.

What can we do for you?

We evaluate every manuscript for plot, dialogue, characterization, Point of View, pacing, age appropriateness, and written style, then hand pick authors with captivating science fiction and fantasy stories that provide a comfortable reading experience.

We evaluate style and content of all accompanying illustrations for children’s books, and design covers for Young Adult books. We even have resources for authors needing complete illustration.

We include you step by step, to ensure you are completely happy with the final product, so you can spend more time on your next book and visiting with fans.

Ready for the next step in your writing career?

Submit your manuscript, and start a new adventure with us today!