Who are you? Know your POV

You’ve got a story to tell, but before you even write the first line, you must decide who you are. Are you the main character, who only knows what she can see outside her window? Maybe you’re the all-knowing god … Read More

Where Do Your Characters Live?

Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and realized the characters are defiantly not where they say they are? I remember seeing a movie that showed Denver, Colorado as a small ski town in the mountains. Not … Read More

Diversity in Children’s Books

If you’ve paid attention to any suggested reading lists, the one word you’ll hear over and over again is diversity. While I understand that we are a diverse people with many different backgrounds, I don’t feel that diversity is really … Read More

Press Release: Pearls for Pearl by Amber Heaton

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TINY MERMAID TEACHES GOAL SETTING Aurora, CO, June 18, 2018– Pearls for Pearl is an illustrated book for Pre-Schoolers that shows the importance of setting goals that are just out of reach. When Pearl sees a treasure … Read More

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