Hanna Al-Shaer

Hanna Al-Shaer is a winner of the 2017 Illustrators of the Future Contest and is featured in Volume 33 of Writers of the Future. She currently is attending Kendall College of Art and Design and is Majoring in Digital Art … Read More

Should I Use Name Brands?

To add a sense of reality to fiction, authors sometimes use brand named products, but should they? The short answer is: It depends. We’ve all found brand names in books, TV shows, and movies. In fact, many viewers become annoyed … Read More

Creating Your Narrative Sequence

Part 2 of a Series on Writing Good Children’s Books- Children want to be entertained. Simple and pure. Just like adults, they enjoy an exciting story and you must carefully consider the order of events for each age group. Depending … Read More

Read to Your Child

In preparation for our new release, Pearls for Pearl by Amber Heaton, I want to take a moment to remind everyone why it’s important to read to your child. Did you know it’s never too early to read to your … Read More

Are Sensitivity Readers Really Necessary?

In the search for an all-inclusive (and politically correct) story, some authors are writing from the perspective of “marginalized” characters. While I understand authors tend to be students of human nature, and want to reach outside their experiences, I think … Read More

Thoughts from Steinbeck

Since I spent the last day of 2017 touring the old stomping grounds of John Steinbeck, one of America’s best known novelists, I thought there was no better way to start the New Year than sharing advice from the Pulitzer-prize … Read More

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