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Featured Books

In honor of Children's Book Week #NoRulesJustRead, we're featuring a couple of books where characters throw out the rules!

"The Snit and George Franklin Whit" by Taylor Overbey. A young boy is directing an angry 'Snit' to get away from him.

Beat the SNIT!

In The Snit and George Franklin Whit, George really wants everything his own way. When he doesn’t get it, he flies into a rage, and the Snit comes out to taunt him! Follow George as he suffers through his temper tantrum, and finally learns how to get rid of the Snit using the handy Snit-O-Meter in the kitchen.


“The I-Wants and the Gimmies” by Taylor Overbey. A boy and girl are each pulling at opposite ends of a box with a kittle sitting inside it. The box says, “free kitten”.

I don't want to share!

In a world where everyone is either a Gimmie or an I-Want, arguments are common. Such is the case in The I-Wants and the Gimmies! Two kids find a free kitten, so of course there’s an argument over who gets to keep it. But when danger falls from the sky, they must join forces for the safety off all! Maybe they can agree to share?

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