New Release: 'But Gertie Garza, You're a Girl!' by Melanie Mathis Miller
New Release: 'The Ghost in the Garden' by Alisse Lee Goldenberg.
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Ghosts don’t leave footprints!

There’s a mysterious light in the old, burned down house across the road. Could it be the ghost of old lady Hampton? Or maybe the firefighter who died trying to save her?  And why is Mrs. Tsosie so afraid to get close to the property? Kenny doesn't believe in ghosts, but when strange footprints are discovered in the neighborhood, he and his brother search the old ruins for clues. Kenny knows he is getting close to unraveling the mystery when he discovers firsthand just how dangerous crime solving can be!


"The Mystery of the Lost Will" by Jack Yerby. A police officer and two teens kneels beside a squad car facing a moving van stopped across lanes on a night highway.Did old man Granger rewrite his will and change his mind about who was going to inherit his millions? And what was he trying to tell the nurse just as he died?
Kalani Henderson is sure there must be another will hidden somewhere. Together with his brother Tristen and Navajo friend Danner, he sets off to find it. But first he must find out if Wyatt Granger even had time to write a new will before his sudden death. The mystery seems impossible, even to his crime solving father. The search leads Kalani, Tristan, and Danner into dangerous territory as they approach the truth.
Welcome to the Four Corners, where New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado all meet. The Mystery of the Lost Will, has it all: sheriffs, Navajo Indians, good guys, some really bad guys, and even a shootout with cops and robbers.




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