"Iris and the Turtles" by Melanie Mathis Miller is now available!
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“Iris and the Turtles” by Malanie Mathis Miller cover. A young girl is floating on her back with a sea turtle swimming on either side of her. There are also many fish in the water.Iris and the Turtles

Now available- just in time for Sea Turtle Week!

Iris and the Turtles is a beautifully illustrated book about a young girl who lives in the Caribbean, and loves to swim with Sea Turtles! Not only does she swim with them, but she knows everything there is to know, and even teaches about ocean and sea life conservation. Melanie Mathis Miller’s lovely rhymes stand up just as strong as the exquisite illustrations by her daughter, Karissa Miller Laffey.

Well written [and] the captivating illustrations will mesmerize the readers…each page immerses the reader to the very depths of the ocean.

The rhyming text and the stunning pictures make for a book to be enjoyed by readers (and lookers) of all ages… a precious treasure.


It's Also National Rose Month"The Rose Without a Name: The story of the Katrina Rose" by Nancy Rust & Carol Stubbs. A bee flies over old-fashioned roses near a sign that says,"Peggy Martin's Garden."


The Rose Without a Name is the perfect read for your flowering enjoyment. Fun illustrations present the story of the rose that became a symbol of hope and resilience in the face of adversity!

With its message of triumph over adversity, lovely art, and interesting back material, readers of all ages will enjoy A Rose Without a Name.


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