About Us

Who are We?

We are a publisher for the many up and coming authors who want to ensure their work is polished before entering the market. 

How are We Different?

Have you noticed the explosion of self-published work since e-readers and tablets have become the main reading source?  If so you’ve also noticed how many of these works are full of incomplete plot lines, shallow (or overly dramatic) characters, continuity errors, and general grammatical problems. At Crimson Dragon Publishing we care about your manuscript and we work with you as not just a publisher, but an editor.

What Do We Do?

We are here to help you get your work in the best shape possible for sale on the digital market.  We have extensive research and writing experience to not only edit your work for general text problems, but also to help you create something people are willing to pay for.  Once ready, we will prepare your book for various reading devices and help you reach your market.