Taylor Overbey on WJRW

The I-Wants and the GimmiesListen live to WJRW 1340AM, on Sound Off! West Michigan with Dave Jaconette. at 11:15a EST on Monday, Dec 21st.

Taylor Overbey will be discussing his new book The I-Wants and the Gimmies, scheduled to release on January 25, 2016.  Join him live on WJRW-AM1340, also available on iHeartRadio and listen for your chance to win your own free copy!

Taylor will talk about the importance of teaching core values to children of all ages and how his book reaches out to everyone in our country.   “We are divided socially, culturally, racially, politically—just about every way one could imagine. The ideas of working together, sharing, and giving are especially valuable today.” 




Nova Roma by Anderson Gentry


Nova Roma I – “De Itinere in Occasum.”

49 BCE is a critical year in the history of Western civilization.

Early in that year, the forces of Julius Caesar cross the Rubicon into Italy. In Rome, the Optimate Senators oppose Caesar. Led by General Pompey Magnus and Senators Marcus Porcius Cato and Marcus Tullius Cicero, the Optimates assemble a fleet of ships and set sail west for Spain with two legions of troops. In Spain, Pompey intends to raise an army to oppose the would-be dictator.

Fate has something else in store for the Romans, as an enormous storm blows them out of the Mediterranean and into the unknown. For weeks the Roman fleet tosses in the storm, losing several ships. When the weather finally clears they find themselves within sight of land, but it’s not a land any of them know or have ever heard of.

The new world is a vast land of swamps, forests and mountains, inhabited by strange people and stranger creatures. Determined to keep the ideals of the Roman Republic alive, Pompey and the Optimate Senators decide to take on the task of building a new Republic in this strange new land, but they face determined opposition. A native agitator is inciting all of the new land’s warriors against the men of Rome, and until the military conflict can be decided, the future of the new Republic hangs in the balance.