The Snit and George Franklin Whit

by Taylor Overbey

George Franklin Whit was having a Snit so bad he became one! What will he do when he breaks his favorite toy?


When children are very angry, they don’t realize how damaging their tantrums are to themselves and others around them. This well illustrated book shows that they have a choice of going into a ‘Snit’ or showing their anger in healthy ways. Since verbalizing anger is difficult to learn, the included Snit-O-Meter is a handy tool for them to visually show their anger level, and helps create a dialogue to resolve the situation.

 $15.95, Paperback, 37 pages

 ISBN: 978-1944644017

Language: English




A creatively written and brilliantly illustrated children’s story! Parents and kids alike have enjoyed Overbey’s imaginative character, which demonstrates children can make the choice to be in a ‘Snit’ or control anger in healthy ways. This book has been a mainstay in my library!

                -Dianne L. Adams, MA LPC, Therapist, Director Children’s Advocacy Center, Muskegon MI


The Snit and George Franklin Whit is a marvelous book that empowers children to control their anger and guides children to understand they have a choice in how they respond to what upsets them. The engaging book provides coping techniques on how to manage anger and a coloring page and Snit-o-meter to help children process skills that are taught in the book. The book is a useful tool for any mental health professional, teacher or parent.

-MaryAnne Kowalski, LMSW, CAADC, CSOTS


As an experienced counselor, I am always looking for materials that can help to convey issues that exist within the families I see each week. “The SNIT and George Franklin Whit” by Taylor Overbey has been well received by the parents that I have suggested it to. The book is fun and can lead to ongoing discussions with children about a host of developmental behaviors that inevitably come up, again and again. I recommend you take a look and see if it can be an additional tool in your practice or in your family.

                -Dan Qualls, MA LPC


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The I-Wants and the Gimmies

The I-Wants and the Gimmes

The I-Wants and the GimmesBy Taylor Overbey

Meet the Snatchberrys and Grabbingtons, two families who have topped all other I-Wants and Gimmies with their self-centered games.  When a member from each family meet, they begin fighting over a free kitten they found.  But when danger from the sky threatens to harm the kitty they learn that having everything isn’t as important as sharing with others.  Witty verse and colorful illustrations make this an instant favorite for kids of all ages.


$15.95, Paperback, 37 pgs

ISBN: 978-1944644000

Language: English




“With his The I-wants And The Gimmies, Taylor Overbey creates a whimsical story about the importance of sharing and working together. His quirky characters are extremely naughty, face a ridiculous danger and affect a change of heart all without any heavy–handed moralizing.  This is a funny book for parents to enjoy with their youngest children.”

–Molly Alicki Corriveaum – MFA, Professor of Illustration


“Using fun-to-read-aloud verse that sounds like Dr. Seuss and illustrations that mix Richard Scarry’s bright designs with the whimsy of Mercer Mayer, The I-Wants and the Gimmies offers a spritely tale of finding the joy of giving. Old-fashioned, fun, and with a good lesson delivery, Taylor Overbey’s colorful story should find a place on every child’s bedtime reading list.”

–David Mathew Rosen, Ph.D.- President O’More College of Design


“I found his new book very engaging and well-thought out.  The illustrations and the messages he is communicating to the readers through these illustrations flow very nicely and are certainly engaging. He has been able to express something that is rather important and serious in a fun and at times even funny way.  Overall, I found this to be a great children’s book and a fresh alternative to what is currently available in the market.  I look forward to seeing the final copy when it gets published and I am certainly getting one for my son!”

— Stylianos G. Vayanos, Ph.D., Ph.D., M.B.A.



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